WOODMoNt minister search committee

This team has come together with the purpose of finding Woodmont Hills' next Minister of Vision and Teaching. Below you will find updates and important information from the search process.

Assessments PresenTation - October 23, 2016

The Search Committee's presentation of the results of the three surveys conducted during the first phase of the minister search process.  The three surveys conducted were a Congregation Assessment led by Tim Smith, a Community Assessment led by Joshua Southards, and a Kingdom Assessment led by Michael Rivas.  Lorie Brawner, Public Relations Chair for the Search Committee, facilitated the presentation.

NOTE: Click "RESOURCES" to download the slide deck from the presentation.


Woodmont Hills

Congregational Assessment

Committe Sub-chairs Named

July 24, 2016

Today we gave a few members on the committee specific roles or sub-charis to assist with the functions and processes of the committee.

  • Lucy Malone - Prayer Chair
  • Lorie Brawner - Public Relations Chair
  • Molly Martin - Secretary
  • Chris Beasley - Technology Chair

Search Committee Formed

June 25, 2016

The Search Committee for Woodmont's next Preaching Minister was commissioned and charged by the Shepherds in a formal ceremony held at Woodmont Hills.  The Search Committee members are

  • Derrick Free, Chair
  • Chris Beasley
  • Lori Brawner
  • Judy Flatt
  • Roy Hamley
  • Tony Miller
  • Molly Martin
  • Lucy Malone
  • Michael Rivas
  • Jacob Robertson
  • Tim Smith
  • Joshua Southards
  • Teresa Stephens