Mission Philosophy

  • To see God glorified through the image of Christ in every mission location.
  • To bear witness to Christ through caring and sharing ministries.
  • To provide for both spiritual and physical needs through our mission work.
  • To make a commitment of significant resources to sponsored missionaries and outreaches.

our missionaries

The Woodmont Hills family fully supports the following international missionaries with funds raised each year on Mission Sunday.

  • Boanerges flores | El salvador

    A Baxter Institute graduate, Boanerges Flores has started numerous community churches and has overseen the growth of the lead church in the mountainous area of Santiago de Maria in El Salvador.

    A tireless worker for the Lord, his ministry involves church development as he encourages church leaders to initiate new programs and connections for church growth and fellowship in the churches.

  • Dr. walter sierra | Guatemala

    Dr. Walter Sierra is a Guatemalan medical doctor who works through Health Talents International. With the Ezell Clinic as his base, he rotates mobile medical clinics throughout the surrounding rural areas, treating the Mayan Indian population which lacks adequate healthcare because of discrimination.

    Woodmont Hills and other North American medical professionals volunteer their time to perform surgery and translate, with local Christians doing follow-up and sharing the love of Christ with patients.

  • kennedy osei-hwedie | ghana

    Kennedy has helped establish many churches in the Kumasi area of Ghana and is active in church leadership training. He also preaches, counsels, and mentors university students.

    His primary work in Ghana is the operation of a Christian counseling ministry he began in 1998. The center provides services that have not been available in much of Africa such as child, vocational, marriage, and family counseling.

  • Eric masih | pakistan

    For more than 25 years, the Woodmont Hills family has partnered with Eric Masih to share Jesus and meet needs in Pakistan. Eric and his faithful team of workers travel monthly to multiple congregations that they have helped establish in different cities in Pakistan.

    Not a week goes by that Eric isn't faced with new challenges, but he deals with each one in a matter that has gained him respect among those he serves. Eric refuses to live in fear in a country that is difficult for Christians.

  • Efrain gutierrez | El salvador

    A long-term missionary of Woodmont Hills, Efrain has focused his work in San Miguel, El Salvador and has seen the work of the Holy Spirit in building seven churches in the area.

    Well-respected in the city of 400,000 people, Efrain uses his strong communication skills to host a radio program and to guide and mentor local preachers. He also travels to nearby communities on Sundays to help teach the Gospel.

  • valentin flores | nicaragua

    Valentin works with several churches in one of the poorest areas in northwest Nicaragua. These churches oversee successful sewing, agricultural, and pig co-ops that have helped many families become self-sufficient. 

    Woodmont Hills also supports a scholarship program that sends 50 children to school each year who would not be able to attend otherwise.

missions committee

Howard Newsom (Deacon and Chairman), Marilyn Swing (Deacon), Bruce Anstey, Pat Dwyer, Roger W., Kevin Kersten, Tim M., Cheryl and Wayne Lindsay, Ted MacDonald, Necie Elizabeth Pable, Dolores Parker, Shelly McElhaney, Rob McElhaney

To contact the Missions Committee, email missions@woodmont.org.