One of the ways we fulfill our mission to love God, love each other, and serve the world is to gather for Sunday worship. Another way is to meet in smaller groups such as classes and house churches on Sundays, Wednesdays, and throughout the week. Whatever your age or schedule, there is a class where you can connect with others who share your passion for God.  

sundays at 7:00 am

EARLY BIRDS | Room 205E | Earl Lavender and Richard Jones

The Early Birds meet every Sunday for an in depth look at Scripture. It is a wonderful gathering of wisdom and insight. 

Current topic: The Letters of 1 and 2 Corinthians

sundays at 9:45 am

TEXT MESSAGES | Room 202E | Alan Cope

This class is devoted to studying the text of scripture in the context of prayer and mutual support.

Current topic: The Prayers of the New Testament

GOD IN THE MIDDLE | Room 205E | Earl Lavender

The hope in this class is to build community and authentic relationships among our class and the church as a whole. Join us for a time of growth in study and relationship. All are welcome. 

Current topic: The Book of 1 John

FAITHBUILDERS | Room 203E | Jeff Hartline

Are you looking for a class that is challenging and includes lots of great discussion? Do you want to share your thoughts? Or do you want to just sit and listen? Either way, you are welcome in this class!

Current topic: The Books of 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus

SENIORS | Room 116 | Bill Tallon & Luther Weathers

The class format will be teacher led/moderated discussion. We want it to be a welcoming place for adult seniors. If you are not already in a Bible class, come visit with us for a while! Find ways to continue to grow and serve with Christians like you, who have experienced a lot of life situations.

Current topic: The Holy Spirit

CHRIST IN THE CURRENT | Annex | Jonathan Martin

This group is made up of individuals and couples trying to live like Jesus. We study various texts to look at how the life of Jesus can be a foundation for how we move through out busy lives. Small groups, social gatherings, service opportunities and mission work also stem from this class and its members.

Current topic: The Books of 1 and 2 Corinthians

THE TABLE College Gathering | Student Center Office in Annex | Reid Hillin

Join us for free food and good conversation!

Current topic: The Book of Acts

THE WOMEN'S FORUM | Room 204E | Teaching on varied topics

SEEKERS | Off Campus | 7100 Executive Center Drive, Suite 105, Brentwood, TN | Terry Smith

Designed for those who are in search for God and what is real in life.

Current topic: The Book of Acts

CHRISTIANITY & CULTURE | Room 201E | Dan Harrell

Do you know God? The Bible tells us He wants us all to know the real God and know He really, truly loves us. Come join us in a Bible study that is neither age nor gender specific. We will share food and fellowship (and music) as we discover how knowing our God, who is out of this world, might help us live in this world.

Current topic: Gospel of Luke

wednesdays at 6:30 pm


On the first Wednesday of each month in addition to our monthly family meal that begins at 5:15 in the lobby, we have a time of worship led by Worship Minister Michael Slayton.

MEN'S CLASS | Room 116E | Roger Wiemers and Ernie Hyne

The men in this class are studying various challenges that Christian men face in our current times.

WOMEN'S CLASS | Room 204E | Libby Simons and Joan Gregory

This class is currently being taught by Julie Woodroof and open to all ladies. We are studying scripture that gives us practical applications in our day to day life. A great place to get connected, be encouraged, and develop a deeper relationship with God and other women. Contact Joan Gregory or Libby Simons (615-415-7696). 

EXPLORING THE WORD | Room 205E | John Mark Hicks

This is a group who loves to study the biblical texts in depth. We are seeking the meat of the Word, and how that shapes how we live in the present world.

Topic beginning in September - God and the World before Israel (Genesis 1-11)

TRANSITION CHURCH: A Study through 1 Corinthians | Room 201E | Andrew Steele

We are a small group of people who are dedicated to listening to, struggling with, and applying scripture. This is an open conversation to help us engage faithfully with the biblical text. We will seek to listen to scripture for God's mission for us at Woodmont, and His calling for our personal lives. We are intergenerational. All are welcome!

THE TABLE College Gathering | Mazatlan's in Brentwood | Reid Hillin

On Wednesdays the college group meets at Mazatlan's in Brentwood combined with Otter Creek and Lipscomb Campus Ministries to make up "Church at the Maz". Join us at 6:30 for Jim's Nachos and the word.

Additional adult class gatherings

2nd SUNDAY MEN'S GATHERING | 7:30 am | 

Various speakers will be invited to share with this men's class. Contact David Gnewikow for more information. 

WEDNESDAY MORNING WOMEN'S CLASS | 10 am to noon | Room 203E | 

Every Fall & Spring we offer a class for women on Wednesday mornings. Historically, we have used an in-depth study with weekly homework, discussion time on Wednesdays, and a dynamic video lesson each week. At times we have a teacher led discussion with little homework and no video. All ladies that are able are encouraged to join us. 

The fall session starts after Labor Day and is over before the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays. In the spring we begin late January or early February, take a break for Easter and are finished before the summer. Contact Meredith Moseley for more information. 

FRIDAY WOMEN'S BIBLE CLASS | 10 am to noon | Room 116 |

This group is comprised primarily of stay-at-home or part-time-working moms, but all women are welcome! We spend time in fellowship and prayer, often take on service projects, and participate in a different Bible study every semester. Topics range from in-depth Beth-Moore-type studies, to contemporary spiritual books with discussion, to studying a book of the Bible. Our focus is on challenging and supporting women to be the wives, mothers, and friends God calls us to be.

Join us as we begin a new Bible study, 1 Peter: A Living Hope in Christ by Jen Wilkin. 

If you need childcare or have any questions, contact Michelle Lasley