• Jeff Brown



    Jeff is the Lead Minister, providing visionary leadership. He is the church’s primary preaching and teaching voice, listening for the Word of God for the people of God, helping people find their place in His story. Jeff’s passion is to bring good news to the poor, free the oppressed, and proclaim the Lord’s favor.

  • Reid Hillin

    College minister


    Reid is the College Minister. He desires to create a safe place for college students in a grace-centered community. Reid’s goal is first to follow Jesus himself, allowing his personal story with Christ to shape his work. He is passionate about seeing college students and young adults walk out their faith.

  • Meredith Moseley

    Church Life Minister


    Meredith works in the Church Life Ministry, helping people make personal connections through Bible class, small groups, neighborhood lunches, and service opportunities. She loves fostering relationships among the church to connect people with God and each other.

  • Michael slayton

    Associate Worship Minister


    Michael is the Associate Worship Minister. He works alongside Chris Shields II and about 50 volunteers to lead the church body in worship, both accompanied and unaccompanied. He desires to create a space where all feel welcomed to find the true heart of God in musical worship.

  • Chris Shields II



    Chris is the Worship Minister. He works with Woodmont's worship teams to invite God's gathered people into worship each week so that all may be sent by God to be people of peace in the world. 

  • John Sullivan

    Executive minister


    John is the Executive Minister. He leads, supervises, and integrates the church’s administrative and ministry functions. John works through pastoral and servant leadership, desiring that all members would be encouraged to live out the vision, to love God, each other, and the world. 

  • julie tuley

    children and family minister


    Julie is the Children and Family Minister. She ministers to children from birth through 5th grade and their families. She values every event, class, training, and service, because they are a means for each child to know they are made in the image of God. She desires all to feel loved and purposed by their Creator.

  • Chase whiting



    Chase is the Middle School Minister. His ministry consists of 6th through 8th grade students, and other volunteers. He teaches classes, facilitates volunteers, communicates with parents, and plans summer events. He loves to support students and their families, watching them grow into their own faith.

Ministry support Staff

  • shirley banning

    children's ministry coordinator


    Shirley is the Events Coordinator for the Children and Family Ministry. She prepares and helps launch all special events for the ministry, and she also meets the needs of the volunteer teachers with supplies and projects. Shirley adores the little ones she gets to work with and love on every week. 

  • shawn brown



    Shawn is the Sexton. He operates and manages the church’s mechanical systems, maintains the facilities and grounds, and helps with logistics for events. Shawn loves to serve the sacred with the concrete, and finds warmth in the volunteers and caring heart of the church. 

  • cindy fehrman

    Executive administrator


    Cindy is one of the Administrative Assistants, working alongside Isis Swink in the church’s front office. Cindy fosters communication between ministers and the church family, and helps staff with details and coordination in their ministries. She loves to support the entire ministry staff as they care for the church body.

  • Ashley Hartfelder

    Children and family ministry assistant


    Ashley works in the Children and Family Ministry, helping coordinate and teach Preschool Praise. She co-teaches the 3rd and 4th grade Bible class and plans curriculum. Ashley deeply enjoys teaching children about the love of Jesus and watching them apply the teachings of the Father, and considers it an honor. 

  • Donna masih

    accounting assistant


    Donna works in the Accounting Department. She assists Jane Pate in processing contributions and invoices. Her passion is to meet the needs of the church community and to be a friendly spirit to all. She wants people to feel they received more than they asked for, and to feel welcomed as part of the family.

  • Jan Pate

    Financial officer


    Jan is the Financial Officer and works with the Accounting Department of the church. She serves as an aid to the ministers, Financial Management Team, Executive Committee, and Shepherds. She is passionate about providing information to those who give their time serving the church.

  • Tatum Phillips



    Tatum is the Coordinator for Student Ministry. She oversees administrative tasks for the ministry, help with volunteer coordination, girls events and works with Student Ministers to coordinate special events. Tatum loves our students and works to create  a space where everyone can belong.

  • Isis Swink

    church office administrator


    Isis is the front office administrator. She coordinates front office reception, church wide calendar, facilities booking and works with Meredith to support Church Life Ministry. 

  • vicki wilson

    caring ministry assistant


    Vicki is the Caring Ministry Assistant. She assists Joan Gregory in caring for the church community. This includes both Woodmont Hills Church and beyond in life’s unexpected seasons, such as sickness, births, and deaths. She loves to witness how the church’s resources are multiplied to help many.